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Group Purchase

At Bonaire Dreams Condos we understand that a group of individuals may want to participate in a Bonaire investment together. We are happy to work together with your group to facilitate a number of individuals purchasing one of our condos.
We will complete all paperwork that will give each person in the group a percent share in the condo. The largest group we will work with is 6 individual owners.
The group shall assign 1 person to act as the liaison although any correspondence and income statements will sent to all owners. This individual will be responsible for ensuring the monthly HOA fees and maintenance fees from rentals are transferred to us. They would also be the person who receives any income cheques and would need to distribute the monies to the remaining owners.

A group of owners may wish to visit the island all at the same time and their condo would only hold 8 people. To facilitate this we will make available up to 2 additional units so that owners and their spouses have accommodations. Pending availability, these units would be made available at no up front charge. At some point in the months preceding or following the visit we would rent out your unit for a similar duration and keep the full proceeds to compensate for the use of the additional unit(s).

Owners would need to arrange amongst themselves when they get to use their condo. Bonaire Dreams would not maintain any records of who stayed for what length of time.

Finance example for Villa Arbutus with 5 Owners
Pre-construction price $169,000.00

Single price Price per person
Deposit $30,000.00 $6000.00
Monthly Payments $931.06.00/month $186.21.00/month
Monthly Strata $125.00/month $25.00/month
Yearly Tax $1200.00/year $240.00/year

Any income earned by renting out of the unit can be applied to accelerate payment of the mortgage or can distributed amongst the owners.